Time to take your health in your own hands! – Dr. Matthias Rath


It is important that we, the people of the world, understand that today there is no independent international body that takes care of our health interests on a global scale. So we have to get active and take the protection of our health in our own hands. We have to understand, that we will not be healthy by delegating this value to special interests, the only way to real health is through our active participation in creating and maintaining it. Participation instead of delegation, that’s the key message.

The ‘World Health Week’ is a perfect vehicle to transport this important message to the world. A clear goal – the prevention of diseases instead of repair – and a clear strategy – participation of the people in health issues, instead of health delegation – these are the preconditions for building a successful preventive health care system for ourselves and our children.

I invite you to become part of the next great mission uniting of mankind – creating ‘world without disease’. It’s time to take your health in your own hands!

Dr. Matthias Rath

The World Cellular Health Week campaign is an initiative of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation to drive awareness to all aspects of health.



  1. Martin Brinckman

    Absolutely cruxial information which is not recognised enough by the people !
    How to get them involved in this worldly game of life and dead as time passes by…

  2. Thank-you for all your work and videos
    I support you 100 percent

  3. Thank-you for your recent video on world without
    Cancer, you are a great leader in this field.
    I believe everyone has the right to choose natural
    Healing. I’ve read much of your work
    I will join forces with you, as we are not free in
    Every aspect until we can also control our health
    And live life to its fullest. Main stream medicine
    Is helping to kill off millions of people here in the

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