Auschwitz: Have you ever wondered…?

The scenes in this moving video were filmed at the concentration camps in Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau. The concentration camp survivors featured in it are our inspiration for working towards the creation of a better world.

The initial roots of the Movement of Life were laid down in November 2007 at a meeting held in Auschwitz that was attended by concentration camp survivors and representatives of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation.

Based on their unique moral credo, the survivors decided to throw their weight into the discussion about Europe’s future by proposing a Constitution for a “Europe for the People, By the People.” The focus of this unique document is the protection of the health and lives of European citizens from corporate interests whose multi-billion dollar profits derive from turning the human body into a marketplace.

At the same time, to recognize its ongoing work in the service of humanity, the survivors gave the Dr. Rath Health Foundation the “Relay of Life” with the symbolic request to carry the remembrance of Auschwitz into the future.

In a second meeting, held in April 2013, the survivors and representatives of the Foundation met again to evaluate the progress of their joint mission and set up new goals regarding a global Movement of Life.

One of the key outcomes of this second meeting was that all participants reaffirmed their commitment to promoting the “Europe for the People, By the People” petition and to expanding it into a global Call for a Movement of Life.

It can therefore be seen that the Movement of Life came about as a direct result of Auschwitz having become a symbol for one of the greatest crimes in the history of mankind.

In recognition of this, our goal is to spread the truth about what happened at Auschwitz and ensure it becomes the gateway to a better world: A World of Health, Peace and Social Justice.

To learn the truth about who was really behind WWII and what happened at Auschwitz, visit the Profit Over Life website.

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A non-profit organization, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation is the coordinator of the Movement of Life project.


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