Collective Seed Sowing: Cyprus Winter 2015

On February the 14th 2015 the Collective Seed Sowing 2015 event took place in Nicosia, at the 3rd Makedonitissa elementary school where friends and complete strangers of all ages gathered together to learn how to plant heirloom seeds.

The mission of this event was to bring awareness to the importance of Seed Saving and maintaining our traditional varieties. The heirloom seeds used in this event were a collection of seeds offered by a number of active Seed-Savers from various Eco-Groups of Cyprus, as well as generously offered by friends from all over Cyprus and a number of local seed-saving teams from Peliti-Greece.

The four representatives of the organizing groups were interviewed and are presented in this video.

Video recording, editing & interviews – by NaturallySmartStuff

Find the complete interviews and video here.

For a full report on this event (greek) and more photos, you can click on Movement of Life Cyprus’ page.


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