Meet your Urban Farmer – My Urban Farm

Meet Chris Thoreau of My Urban Farm in this second short film in our Meet your Urban Farmer series.

Chris is a creator, papa, urban grower of sunflower, pea, and buckwheat shoots which are then cut and pedaled to you within hours of harvest, bike-powered. Chris likes soil, compost, and microgreens. From 2001 to 2006 Chris operated Influence Organics – a small, certified organic farm, on Vancouver Island. “Too much work”, he thought, “I’m going back to school”. He now holds a BSc. in Agroecology from UBC where his studies focused on soils, urban farming, and plant breeding. Chris still works too much, but that’s ok.

Support your local urban farmers (and local rural farmers of course), and know where your food comes from.

The extended version of the interview can be found here.


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