World Cellular Health Week: Making a Better, Healthier World – Paul Anthony Taylor

Every year, on April the 7th, the World Health Organization sponsors what it calls ‘World Health Day’. Promoting it as a ‘Global Health Awareness’ day, the supposed goal is to draw worldwide attention to subjects of major importance to global health. And yet, despite all the time and money the World Health Organization lavishes on ‘World Health Day’ each year, it doesn’t achieve any tangible results. Deaths from heart disease and cancer continue in their millions, and the drug industry’s profits continue to skyrocket.

But there is a solution to this situation, and it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. It involves teaching people that today’s most common diseases can be controlled using scientifically proven natural health approaches, in particular through the use of Cellular Medicine. This, precisely, is what our ‘World Cellular Health Week’ is all about.

Paul Anthony Taylor

The World Cellular Health Week campaign is an initiative of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation to drive awareness to all aspects of health.


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