Soil Depletion: Why this is a serious issue!

This video digs into a topic most of us rarely think about. Soil is the birthplace of our food. Only 10% of the land available to us out there is actually used to make enough to feed the 7.4 billion humans who call Earth home. That little bit of dirt is also now more than 85% depleted of the minerals we need that it once had to the brim. Our soil is running on empty. That means a serving of spinach has gone from 150 mg of iron to under 5 mg, and you may not even want to know how much nutrition a potato has lost. Over-farming, erosion, desertification, failure to rotate crops, fertilizers that only rely on a couple of minerals, and pesticide use has rendered our food deficient. This is even before premature harvesting, shipping, sitting on shelves, and cooking rob it of even more nutrition.

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