US Department Of Defense CAUGHT Editing Wikipedia — Paul Anthony Taylor

Providing further evidence of the extent to which Wikipedia has become controlled by special interests, this video reveals that over fifty IP addresses located within the U.S. Department of Defense Network are being used to edit articles on the online encyclopedia. A significant proportion of these articles relate to matters that are evidently of direct interest to the Pentagon. As the video describes, with this editing in some cases being clearly at odds with Wikipedia’s rules on conflict of interest, the ongoing involvement of an official government agency on the site raises serious questions regarding its independence and reliability.

You can learn more about this issue in this article on the website of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. The full list of U.S. Department of Defense Network IP addresses referred to in the video can be found here.

Paul Anthony Taylor is Executive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. You can follow him on his Twitter page.

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