The Solar Disruption – Why Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Will be Obsolete by 2030

This is a clip from Stanford University Professor Tony Seba’s “Clean Disruption” keynote presentation given at the Swedbank Nordic Energy Summit in Oslo, Norway, March 17th, 2016.

His presentation asserts that four technology categories are disrupting energy and transportation:
1 – Batteries / Energy Storage
2 – Electric Vehicles
3 – Self-Driving Vehicles
4 – Solar Energy

The outcome of this Clean Disruption is that by 2030:

  • All energy will be provided by Solar (plus wind)
  • Distributed solar will eat all other forms of energy.
  • Large scale solar will eat all other forms of large scale energy. Wind will complement solar.
  • Coal, natural gas and nuclear will be obsolete
  • All new vehicles will be electric.
  • All new vehicles will be autonomous (self-driving).
  • Oil will be obsolete
  • 80+ per cent of parking spaces will be obsolete.
  • Individual car ownership will be obsolete.
  • All new energy will be provided by solar (and wind)

Clean Disruption is a technology disruption. Just like digital cameras disrupted film and the web disrupted publishing, Clean Disruption is inevitable and it will be swift.

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