#2017Wittenberg: Liberation of Human Health

We live in historic times. Mankind is currently undertaking one of the great challenges in its history: the liberation of health from the yoke of a medical system driven by the pharmaceutical “business with disease”. Through learning about and using natural forms of medicine that eradicate diseases without causing harmful side effects, millions of people worldwide are improving their health and freeing themselves from the trillion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry and its toxic patented drugs.

500 years ago a similarly world-changing liberation took place: the liberation of the human mind. At that time, despite the relentless resistance of those in power at that time, millions of people in Europe learned to read and write. The liberation of the human mind ended its century-long slavery during medieval times and, as a result, gave birth to modern times.

To learn more about the way in which the liberation of our health today parallels the liberation of the human mind 500 years ago, visit the 2017wittenberg.org website. Better still, come and visit our exhibition in the grounds of the Alte Canzley Hotel in Wittenberg! (May – October 2017).

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