Cucumber by Macka B

Macka B is a reggae singer and songwriter who is renowned for his conscious lyrics and social commentary. In this short video, he raps about the health benefits of the cucumber.

‘CUCUMBER’ lyrics:
Cucumber, Cucumber. Vitamins, minerals, very high number. Silica, hair and nails get longer. Other vitamins make your bones them stronger. Anti-wrinkle, make you look younger. Ninety-five percent water, kidney cleanser, great hydrator. Detox, fiber, good regulator. Give your body good things, don’t be a traitor. Get the Cucumber, cut it inna slice. Put it in a jug of water overnight. You know what you get for a fraction of the price, energy drink full of electrolytes. Raw in salad is one of the use. As a base for your vegetable juice. Another surprise, put a slice on your eyes. Take away the dryness, revitalize. Oh yes, one thing I have left. Cucumber can also help with bad breath. Wash away the bacteria that cause the odor. Cucumber water instead of soda.

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