Latest photographs from the School Health Parliament project in Nigeria, July 2018

The Movement of Life coordinator in Nigeria, Jibril Meme, has launched the School Health Parliament project in his community. Take a look at these inspiring photographs of him, his newly recruited team of volunteers, and the members of their gardening project!

Volunteers will promote natural health in their communities. They will be leading the School Health Parliament project in local languages by teaching children about the importance of essential micronutrients for health, guiding them on how to grow their own food naturally by using simple farming tools, and encouraging them to eat fruits and vegetables to maintain health and prevent disease.

The School Health Parliament project was initiated at the St. Agnes Centre for Education in Mbarara town in Uganda. This gardening project involves growing fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants. Read more about the School Health Parliament project in the For Schools section of our website.

Start the project yourself in your school or community! This Manual will provide you with all the information you need to begin this exciting journey of improving health for future generations.


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