The Movement of Life School Health Parliament Project

In March 2015, the Movement of Life Uganda team, under the leadership of Gyavira Mwesigwa Bugigi, launched a school gardening project at the St. Agnes Centre for Education in Mbarara town, located in the Western Region of Uganda. The project involves learning about natural health approaches, spreading health information around the school and in the local community, and growing fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal plants. In all there are now a total of more than 10 schools involved in the project. The gardening project is part of the ‘End Heart Disease, Plant a Fruit Tree’ campaign, which aims to teach people how heart disease is caused by a long term lack of vitamin C.

The gardening work carried out in the project is organized and conducted through the setting up of a ‘School Health Parliament’ in each school. The members of these parliaments meet regularly to represent their classes. Through participation in this innovative project, children also learn important life skills that they can continue to develop and refine right through to adulthood.

If you are interested to work with the Movement of Life, get active in the ‘End Heart Disease, Plant a Fruit Tree’ campaign and launch a ‘School Health Parliament’ project where you live, please contact us, we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Join us in the Movement of Life and let’s work together for the next generations. To free our health, to free our food, to free our water, our energy, and work, so that we can live a free life!

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The Movement of Life is coordinated by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, a non-profit organization.


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