Latest photos from the School Health Parliament project in Uganda, June 2018

The Movement of Life Uganda team is growing! We now have 11 schools in the Mbarara and Sembabule districts that are working together in the school gardening project.

The goals of this project are to educate children on the importance of micronutrients to health (Cellular Medicine), to grow fruits and vegetables and use them as a source of micronutrient-rich food, and to promote health in schools and communities.

With the assistance of the Movement of Life Uganda team coordinators and the schools’ head teachers, every school is building a garden that is managed by an elected School Health Parliament. As these photographs demonstrate, the children are very enthusiastic about this project and are always seeking to learn and do even more. Current activities in the School Health Parliaments include:

  • Planting and sharing beneficial herbs such as lemon grass in the community to protect from mosquitos, which spread malaria in the region.
  • Growing fruits and vegetables for commercial purposes and, with the money that is earned, buying the necessary tools to further expand the school gardens. One of the schools has recently started a small piggery!
  • Creating gardens at the children’s homes, so that families can grow their own food and earn money from selling it.

Keep up the great work, team Uganda!

You too can start a School Health Parliament project in your school or community. Watch this inspiring video and learn more about the gardening project.

Join us in the Movement of Life and let’s work together to create a healthier and better world!


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