The Movement Of Life Cyprus Team Reveals The Powerful Health Properties Of Chemical-Free Plants

Plants and herbs have many powerful benefits for our health. This is especially the case when they come from traditional seeds and are cultivated in soil that is free from artificial chemicals.

This year the Movement of Life team in Cyprus has held a number of events in Kalavasos, Tochni and Lakatameia, aiming at promoting organic gardening and the health benefits of Cypriot plants and herbs.

Lecture titles included ‘Herbs of Cyprus and their healing properties’, ‘How do Cellular Medicine and herbs address the problem of osteoporosis’, ‘The impact of chemical pesticides on our health’ and ‘Why vegetable crops produced from traditional seeds have greater nutritional value’. The lectures were given by Dr. Georgios Katsonis, a Medical Doctor in Homeopathy and Cellular Medicine Consultant.

We hope you enjoy the pictures documenting these events.

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