Returning to natural crops with the Movement of Life!

The Movement of Life team in Cyprus has organized another event promoting traditional seeds! The ‘Return To Natural Crops With Our Traditional Seeds’ event took place on 17 October 2018, in Flasou Village.

The lectures given included:

  • The negative effects of pesticides on our health and the nutritional value of vegetables from traditional seeds
    Speaker: Dr. Georgios Katsonis – Medical Doctor in Homeopathy and Cellular Medicine Consultant
  • Organic farming in Cyprus, legislation, support programs and certification
    Speaker: Nikolas Kanaris – Agronomist & Manager of Lacon
  • Modern Ways of Cultivation of Organic Olive and Olive Oil
    Speaker: Nicolas Netien – Environment Engineer & Soil Biologist

To promote the nutritional value of growing your own vegetables, the event was combined with the giving away of free-of-charge local seeds from naturally grown crops.

Contact the Movement of Life Cyprus team at to learn more!


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