World Cancer Day: You Have The Choice, Join Us And Do It NOW! – Dr Matthias Rath

The World Health Organization – the WHO – has proclaimed February 4 as World Cancer Day in order to promote worldwide awareness for one of the big unresolved problems of mankind – the epidemic of cancer. While every effort to create worldwide awareness about the need to end this epidemic should be applauded, there are serious doubts that the WHO is able to help accomplish this goal. Why?

Today, almost one third of the money financing the WHO’s operations comes from multinational pharmaceutical companies. As ‘return’ for this ‘investment’ into the WHO, the drug industry expects a huge ‘return on its investments’ from this world body. Thus, the WHO is no longer independent but its programs and activities – including ‘World Cancer Day’ – essentially turn into marketing campaigns for patented chemical drugs.

If you follow the WHO and its corporate sponsors, cancer will continue to spread in epidemic proportions. Despite all your good intentions, you may one day wake up and feel abused by the ‘Peter Pipers’ of the pharmaceutical drug lobby and a corrupted WHO. But if your goal is to help prevent cancers by science-based natural means – and one-day even end the cancer epidemic – we encourage you to inform yourself about our research and our decade-long battle for human health.

Contact us to see how we can work together – people, health professionals, activists – all committed to ending cancer and united in the promise not to stop until we reach this goal.

For more information read the online book, Victory Over Cancer, and visit the websites of the Dr. Rath Research Institute and the Dr. Rath Health Foundation.

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