Organic Gardening

Mirja Holtrup’s Organic Gardening book explains step by step how to become a successful organic gardener. Creating your own garden is fun, so lets get started!

Gain some experience first and then send us your best pictures and stories, we’ll publish them on our website.

Did your flowers attract really beautiful butterflies, or are there wild bees living near your compost heap? Are your courgettes really long, or are your oranges as large as soccer balls? If you celebrate your harvest with friends in your school or elsewhere, send us the pictures and let us share the joy.

Once a year there are prizes to be won, so take part, send us your pictures, and become a member of the Movement of Life’s Online Organic Garden Community!

To obtain a copy of this book, please visit the website.
You can learn more about Mirja Holtrup here.