Was ist Cradle to Cradle?

Die Natur zeigt uns: es gibt keinen Abfall – es gibt nur Nährstoffe. Müll ist also nur ein wertvoller Rohstoff am falschen Ort.
Wir sollten uns die Natur zum Vorbild nehmen und versuchen, unsere Stoffströme zu Kreisläufen zu schließen.
Dieses Prinzip heißt Cradle to Cradlevon der Wiege zur Wiege.
Dieses Video ist ein Projekt der Freiberger Regionalgruppe des Cradle to Cradle Vereins.
Wir freuen uns, wenn Sie das Video teilen möchten!

Citrus – Orange & Lemon Trees

This video shows how to grow perfect orange and lemon trees that will thrive and grow like crazy in your garden even if you live in the UK!

How to grow a lemon tree

This video gives tips on selecting and planting a lemon tree. Planting your tree correctly will ensure the best performance from it!

How to plant barerooted fruit trees

When you are choosing a fruit tree, choose one from a specialist grower. The biggest selection are always field grown and supplied barerooted. This means they are dug from the ground when they are dormant, usually in autumn (fall), and their roots are shaken free of soil. As this video explains, how a tree is planted will have major longterm effects on how it grows and bears fruit.

End Heart Disease: Plant a Fruit Tree!

This campaign aims to teach everyone how heart disease is caused by a long term lack of vitamin C.

Our inspiration is a scientific breakthrough about the development of heart disease and the inverse relationship between its incidence and our intake of vitamin C. Press Release on the Foundation website: End Heart Disease New Study

Fruits are a good source of vitamin C and other micronutrients. This means that fruits can help prevent cardiovascular diseases!

Fruit trees are easy to plant and once fully established they should only need minimal ongoing care and attention to produce plenty of fruit.

If you want to know more or get active in the campaign, please contact us via our Movement of Life website.

The Movement of Life is coordinated by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, a non-profit organization.