Why We Must Respect and Support Our Organic Farmers

Vandana Shiva: Organic farmers are the best scientists of today, because they actually have to understand how nature works in order to produce. They are the best health specialists of today, because they are giving us the food that gives us health. An organic farmer is the best steward of the land and the best ecologist. And I am increasingly feeling that they are the best peacemakers of today because there is more violence, more death, more destruction, and more wars through a violent industrial agriculture system. And to shift away from that into an agriculture of peace is what organic farming is doing.

For more information go to Vandana Shiva – Why We Must Respect And Support Our Organic Farmers or Overgrow The System.

Vertical Farming

If there weren’t any pesky practical limitations, what world-changing device would you invent? In this video, Columbia professor Dickson Despommier imagines filling New York’s skyscrapers with farms.

Daniel Bissonet speaking at March Against Monsanto

Vancouver | Canada

Daniel Bissonnette, a very articulate 9 year old, mesmerizes listeners at the March against Monsanto event in Vancouver, Canada, on May 24, 2014, asking key questions on why children, the most vulnerable age group to the ravages of GMOs and pesticides, are subjected to the worst food possible.

Organic pest control – Natural bug and insect repellents

When it comes to insects in your garden, it’s a bug eat bug world, so don’t panic. Some bugs are good for plants. But how to control the bad ones without chemicals? Here’s great advice from Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine.

Running for a GMO free USA

What do you do when your twelve-year-old son announces he’s going to run across America?

This is the story of the Wilcox family and their son David.

As a high school freshman, David became the regional cross-country champion and the fastest 3A freshman in Alaska. He regularly runs 15-milers in the local mountains. And he’s pumped up to become the 2nd 15-year old to complete this transcontinental run.

On January 18, 2014, David and his family will start their coast-to-coast run from Huntington Beach, California. While they are on on the road, they are going to visit farms and farmers and document their stories. What do they think of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), patented seeds, Roundup and other poisons?

They are going to hold meetings, give presentations, and talk to the media. Their aim is to show people WHY THEY NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S IN THEIR FOOD.

They are going to expose the fraudulent stories pumped out by the corrupt chemical giants.

And, of course, they are going to pay a visit to Monsanto—one of world’s biggest bullies—at its headquarters in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Then run to Washington D.C. to remind their nation’s leaders that they work for the American people, not for multi-national chemical corporations.

To find out more information go to their website.

Seed Freedom

Dr. Vandana Shiva discusses GMOs, Monsanto and what you can do for your health and for seed freedom.

Saving Home Garden Seeds

The art of saving seed has been practiced by gardeners for thousands of years as a matter of course, until the 1940s when hybrid seeds were agressively marketed. In fact, most of the vegetables and flowers we have today owe their existence to the fact that these early gardeners, with an eye for quality, saved the seed of their best plants, sowed them the next year, and in this way improved the species.

Every Crisis is an Opportunity to Create – Dr Vandana Shiva for Greece

With the current failing banking and political systems in Greece, Dr. Vandana Shiva speaks out and gives a message to the Greek people: Every Crisis is an Opportunity to Create.

She invites people to return to the land and start cultivating a new future. Our seeds and water should not be privatized and our lives should not be controlled by multi-billion dollar companies.