A Festival of Seed

Today, we produce enough calories, to feed our world twice!

We don’t need GMOs – Let’s keep our seeds’ diversity. Let’s keep our sovereignty.

Seed Matters is a short film capturing some of the voices from The Great Seed Festival which took place in October, 2014 to raise awareness of the importance of seed, and to celebrate seed, food and biodiversity.
Filmmaker: Jason Taylor and Chintan Gohil
Music by Garry Morris 


Arch Noah & Peliti: 1st Global Meeting for the Commons

Inga, represents the “Arch Noah” – a seed saving organization based in Austria and in Brussels.

Here, sitting in Peliti’s Seed House with Panagiotis Sainatoudis – the inspiration and directing force behind the seed group PELITI in Greece – Inga discusses on the current situation with traditional seeds in Austria, and how home gardeners, farmers but also governmental policies treat them.

Also, what was has been the impact of the European Union reforming the Seed Marketing Law, and how did that legislation trigger a cooperation of Seed Saving groups all across Europe?

This meeting took place during the 1st Global Meeting for Commons, an event dedicated to Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Demogracy on 15-18th April 2015 in Paranesti, Greece.

The event was organized by Peliti (www.peliti.gr) and was supported by:

Watch Vandana Shiva’s brief message at the 1st Global Meeting for the Commons, here.


El Salvador: Adolfo and his seed bank

This testimony shows how, by saving and exchanging his seeds, a small farmer in El Salvador preserves biodiversity and contributes to fighting hunger.

Communities of Bajo Lempa in El Salvador declared in 2013 their intention to focus on agroecology including protecting local seeds, defending the soil and preserving water sources.

Credit: Friends of the Earth International/ Jason Taylor


Vandana Shiva & Peliti: 1st Global Meeting for the Commons

1st Global Meeting for the Commons with Vandana Shiva and Panayiotis Sainatoudis from Peliti/Greece.

Dr. Vandana Shiva talks about, Seed Freedom, Food Freedom, and Earth Democracy

The meeting was held with the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of Peliti (1995-2015) – 15-18th April 2015 in the land of Peliti, Greece

An annual Seed Exchange event organised by Peliti (www.peliti.gr)

Supported by:
The Municipality of Paranesti, (http://paranesti.gr)
The Centre for Environmental Education of Paranesti, (http://kpeparanestiou.gr)
Seedfreedom (http://seedfreedom.info),
Navdanya, (http:///www.navdanya.org)
Lucha Indígena (http://www.luchaindigena.com)
Red de Guardianes de Semillas (http://redsemillas.org)