Our Free Energy for All campaign supports and promotes the use of renewable energy systems.

Currently, almost 1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to electricity. Around 600 million of these people live in sub-Saharan Africa. A lack of access to electricity has major effects on a country’s ability to educate its citizens and support the creation of small businesses. Addressing this issue is crucial towards enabling developing countries to grow their economies.

One of the major barriers to achieving universal energy access is that for over a century now, multitrillion-dollar special interests have been controlling the people of the world through maintaining the ‘tyranny of oil’. Even today, despite the existence of natural non-polluting alternatives to oil, gas and other fossil fuels, these interests are still seeking to increase their control over global energy production. Thus far, however, they have not achieved as much power over developing countries as they have over industrialized ones. This presents an opportunity for the developing world, particularly so in sub-Saharan Africa where sunshine is abundant.

The use of solar power offers developing countries the opportunity to produce clean energy and develop independently, free from domination by the large multinational fossil fuel producers. Supplemented by small-scale wind power and other renewable energy approaches, the use of such systems can transform lives.

By seeking to improve education and small business creation in developing countries, our Free Energy for All campaign contributes towards the goals of our Free Knowledge for All and Work for All campaigns.