Our Free Food for All campaign is working towards the elimination of malnutrition and hunger. We promote the use of natural, organic agriculture approaches and oppose the use of genetically modified crops.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), more than 800 million people worldwide suffer from undernourishment. Many of these people survive on as little as one meal a day. Not only does this result in numerous negative health effects, in the case of school children it also affects their concentration and ability to learn. This means that under-nutrition has a direct effect on a country’s economic potential.

In our Free Food for All campaign we teach people about the health-promoting properties of fruits and vegetables and help them set up school and community gardens where they can grow food to feed themselves, their families and friends. Instead of expecting their futures to depend upon aid money from the big global institutions and international aid charities, we teach people how to help themselves. After experiencing the benefits of an improved diet, many people are inspired to set up their own gardens at home.

The philosophy behind our Free Food for All campaign can be summarized by adapting an old saying: If you give a person some food, you feed them for a day. But if you teach them to produce their own food, you feed them for life.

Help the world to feed itself, and Health for All becomes possible.