In common with our coordinating organization, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, our mission is to improve the health and lives of people worldwide. Towards this goal we help and encourage people to create hands-on pilot projects in the areas of health, food, water, energy, knowledge and work. We promote these projects under 7 main campaigns:

  1. Our Free Health for All campaign is working towards the eradication of diseases using scientifically proven natural health approaches. Promoting the central principle of Dr. Matthias Rath’s groundbreaking Cellular Medicine concept – that long-term deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other essential micronutrients are the primary cause of today’s most common chronic diseases – plays a key role in this campaign.
  2. Our Free Food for All campaign is working towards the elimination of malnutrition and hunger. We promote the use of natural, organic agriculture approaches and oppose the use of genetically modified crops.
  3. Our End Heart Disease: Plant a Fruit Tree campaign aims to teach people how heart disease is caused by a long-term lack of vitamin C. Fruits are a good source of vitamin C. This means that fruits can help prevent heart disease!
  4. Our Free Water for All campaign works towards providing universal access to clean water.
  5. Our Free Energy for All campaign supports and promotes the use of renewable energy systems.
  6. Our Free Knowledge for All campaign works towards ending global illiteracy. We believe that everyone should have the widest possible access to knowledge through modern digital technologies.
  7. Our Work for All campaign works towards ending unemployment and the exploitation of labor. We believe that everyone has the right to live a purposeful, dignified and productive life.

We find that our work is most effective when the key messages of our campaigns are combined. For example, the picture at the top of this page shows a young girl in Uganda who, after learning about health, food and nutrition in her school, decided to use the knowledge she had gained to set up a passion fruit garden at her home. She enlisted the help of her uncle and started her garden with just 54 seedlings. Today, from selling her produce she is earning enough money to pay her school fees. This illustrates the huge potential of our work to improve people’s lives.